Nica debuts “New Face” with Punch Bug Records premiering the first release on her upcoming album, Bruised.

“New Face” exposes Nica's anxiety of living in NYC. Growing up in Tucson AZ, a small but mighty desert city, Nica moved to New York to pursue a career in music. In her song she analyzes her own decisions with lyrics,


"Serious questions implanted inside my mind / Sure for short term this lifestyles alright but what is the plan or technique to survive"

"If I stay / I'm a New Face in the crowd / Whose vision doesn't pan out"


Nica encapsulates her doubts into “New Face”, an indie rock ballad.

The cover art for "New Face" displays Nica laying on top of a piano at Brooklyn Bridge Park with a view of NYC's Financial District.

Photo shot by Jason Stephen Baker.

Jake FinemanNica, New Face, Bruised