Punch Bug Records Eating Cow

hey eating cow thanks for being here!

My pleasure!

Who are you and where do you come from originally? 

I’m Joe Terrell, singer, songwriter and guitar tech. I was born in Florida but moved around the country growing up. I’m glad I ended up in Brooklyn. 

When did Eating Cow become a band?

Only recently. I wrote these songs for this album and started recording without a band. All current members are my close friends. 

Where does the inspiration come from?

I usually write a song after hearing a sentence that sounds beautiful to me. Chords and melody fall into place once I’ve come up with a rhythmical way to express a few words or phrase that I can’t get out of my head.  

What’s the meaning behind your single, Daily Daisy? 

Daily Daisy is about someone who was living with his girlfriend before she left him. The idea is that he can barely function anymore, but doesn’t understand what she even meant to him. I imagine the story being told by somebody who’s wasted.

What’s the concept of your upcoming album, A Summer Vacation? 

The original idea was that each song would resemble the title track, Special Occasion, and not follow any songwriting rules or guidelines. I wanted the album to sound chaotic and repetitive like most of our lives, but most of the tracks turned into real songs with obtainable formats. I don’t regret a thing. 

One of the songs on the record is a cover of The Look of Love. Wanna tell us about it?

I’ve loved this song for years. I’ve always thought it had the potential to be dark and heavy. 

Any plans to hit the road?

For now, I’d like to play as many shows in NYC as we can. I think we should try to make it here before we branch out. 

What’s next for Eating Cow? 

I’d like to start recording a series of collaborations with singers and songwriters who I love and admire. I think two minds are better than one when writing music.


Nica Ground Sounds

What is Bruised about? How did it come to be? 

Bruised is about growing pains, letting go of the past, and acceptance. Each song has a different vibe, yet they all share my dramatic feel.

Some of the songs were inspired by the falling out of close friendships. Other songs were born at the end of romantic entanglement.

The majority of my songs on Bruised are me recognizing my feelings and expanding on them artistically. 


Nica Vents

Bruised – what’s the story behind the title?

Every song on Bruised was written when I was in a very dark place. Shades of purple, black, and blue.

I felt very hurt and betrayed by my x lover, some so-called friends, and just life itself. I was damaged, but not bad enough where I couldn’t function.

The concept behind Bruised is being in pain but not broken.